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Transwiki guide is a page aimed at providing information about transwikiing a complicated project or series of template to a remote wiki. Such templates generally involve intricate features of template syntax and parser and are split into multiple core or sub-templates. Unlike template documentation which explains how to use the template for local wiki editors, transwiki guide teaches the editor to localize it in other wiki. While it is possible to tell the reader to blindly copy all the templates under the same page name to their home wiki, a good transwiki guide should also inform which "external template" is transcluded and essential for the end template to be functional.

Readers of transwiki guide are expected to be non-native English speaker, so it is preferably to write the guide in simple and plain English. Also some part of the template code may require translation to the transwikier's home language, instruction on which part can be renamed without ruining the template functionality and which part shoud not is recommended too.


  • {{Transwiki guide}}, tag for project or template already has a transwiki guide page written and to notify remote wiki editor to use this page as transwikiing instruction.
  • {{Transwiki guide candidate}}, tag for encouraging editor who is familiar with the codes of the project or template to write a transwiki guide.